PNW Resilience Foundry

Innovating our way out of crisis...

The Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER) and Moonbeam established the Pacific Northwest Resilience Foundry to convene industry, government, R&D, and innovators to build and accelerate solutions to address the region’s critical economic challenges.

This program complements PNWER’s existing industry working groups, helping: (1) identify critical challenges facing the region’s industry, (2) identifying capabilities resident in the region for the economy of the future, (3) convening regulators, industry, and innovators to understand these challenges and opportunities, and (4) create structures for building the future economy in this region.

Our Programs

Congregate Accelerator

Congregate is an accelerator program that seeks to reopen the Tourism, Performing Arts, Travel, and Hospitality (TPATH) sectors in the Pacific Northwest by accelerating technological solutions.

Canada/Pacific Northwest Innovation Challenge Series

Moonbeam is working with the Consulate of Canada in the Pacific Northwest to connect innovative Canadian startups with PNW industry.

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